Corporate Governance Policies

Good Cooperate Governance

Good Cooperate Governance
The I-EA-T attached great importance to good corporate governance. Good corporate governance is a key factor in eqipping the organization with an efficient, transparent, and auditable management system, which is a basis for sustainable growth. In addition, it is a key factor in building confidence of operators, developers, communities, partners, government agencies, and all parties concerned.
The I-EA-T's Board of Directors designated the Corporate Governance(CG) Subcommittees to formulate good corporate governance policies for directors and officials at all levels, to serve as their practice guidelines, and to establish shared values, which are as follows:
1) Policy on roles and responsil=bilities of the I-EA-T's Board of Directors
2)Policy on operators and stakeholders
3) Policy on organizational management
4) Policy on personnels and learning
The I-EA-T implements the good corporate governance policies mentioned above. Its forcus is on efficiency, control, checks and balances, disclosure, transparency, as well as ethics and codes of conduct. It has taken into account stakeholders'rights, responded to needs, considered comments and suggestions, and continually enhanced its personel's capacity and strenghts.