Services and Facilities

Cargo Berths

Berths:All berths come with wide channels and safe turnabout space designed to serve the demands of industrial operators.
Loading and Unloading Equipment

Gantry Crane  2 Units ( 40 Tons Capacity Each )
Mobile Crane  1 Unit ( 90 Tons Capacity )
Forklift 4 Units ( 2:10 - Tons, 2:5 - Tons )
Prime Mover & Chassis 3 Units ( 30 Tons )
Trucks 6 Units ( 5 - 7 Tons )

Government Office Branches


Several government office branches located in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Port compound offer various document-related services and include a customs office, an immigration office and a seizure and confiscation office.

Customs Office:

The customs office is responsible for the collection of taxes and duties, along with the inspection of ships and merchandise entering and leaving the port.

Immigration Office:

Foreign nationals wishing to enter Thailand must first pass an interview with immigration officials at the immigration office where the ship is berthed.

Disease Quarantine Office:

The disease quarantine office's main duties include vessel inspection, crew and passenger vaccine injections, berth cleanliness, contagious disease prevention, along with the inspection and confiscation of plant, imported food and other controlled items.

Apart from necessary services such as transportation routes, communication channels, drinking water, electricity and railways, the Map Ta Phut Industrial Port also provides a vessel navigation system and freighter services to meet investor needs and demands.
The Map Ta Phut Industrial Port also has on hand essential equipment and services required for utmost vessel safety:

- Tugboats
- Pilot boats
- Rope boats
- Patrol boats
- Navigation mark buoys
- Navigation lights
- Berth lights


Cargo Handling Services

Berths at the Map Ta Phut Industrial Port are suitable for vessels carrying large import or export cargo volume – including liquid cargo such as crude oil. The port is specifically designed with international standard berths that offer 24-hour navigation services for both departing and arriving vessels; crew quarters measuring 12 meters by 30 meters, a 4,000-square-meter storage building and a 75,000-square-meter outdoor loading area.