Industrial Estates in Thailand

List of Customers (Thai Version)

General Information

Name: Asia Industrial Estate (Suvarnabhumi)

Year of Establishment: 2008

Director : Mr. Kongwut Yodpayung


Developer: Asia Industrial Estate Company Limited (AIE)


Chachoengsao Rural Road 3001 (Luang Pang Road) Km. 13-14, and Samut Prakan Rural Road 73001 (Rattanakosin 200 Years Road), in Ban Ra Kat, Khlong Suan, Bang Phli Noi, Preng, Chorakhe Noi subdistricts of Bang Bo district, Samut Prakan province

Total Area

- 3,700 Rai 

- General Industrial Zone 2,886 Rai

- Infrastructure and Facilities Area 457 Rai

- Green Area 207 Rai

Available Spac

- General Industrial Zone: 1,107 rai (approx.  437 acres)

Sale/Lease Price

- 9,500,000 บาท/ไร่

Comparative Distance

- Suvarnabhumi International Airport 21 kilometers

Utilities & Facilities

:: Electricity Supply System ::

   - Provider: Metropolitan Electricity Authority


:: Telephone System ::

   - Provider: TOT Public Company Limited  

:: Wastewater Treatment System ::

   - Central wastewater treatment system:
     Activated Sludge (AS)

   - Capacity: 12,800 cubic meters/day         


:: Road System ::

- Primary road: asphaltic concrete, 30-
meter-wide right of way and 18-meter-wide road surface, with four-lane divided traffic

- Secondary road: asphaltic concrete, 26-meter-wide right of way and 17-meter-wide road surface with four-lane divided traffic


:: Flood Protection System ::

- A flood protection dyke surrounding the estate compound with a height of 3 meters above the ground level


:: Ground Condition ::

            - Flat land with generally soft earth