Industrial Estates in Thailand

General Information

Name: Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate (Project 2)

Establishment: 2010 

Director: Mrs.Panadda Rungreungsri

Phone: +66 3845 7002-4, +66 3821 3007 

Fax: +66 2318 1096, +66 3821 3700 



Developer: Amata Corporation Public Company Limited


Provincial Highway 3466 (Sukhumvit – Phan Thong) Km.5, and Provincial Highway 3122 (Ban Pho – Phan Thong) Km.14

Total Area

8,226 rai (approx. 3,252 acres)

- General Industrial Zone: 5,351 rai (approx. 2,115 acres)

- Commercial Zone: 727 rai (approx. 287 acres)

Available Space

- Business Zone: 6,078 rai (approx. 2,403 acres)

Remarks :

1) Area available for sale/lease may vary, due to zoning changes or land transfers.

2) Area available for sale/lease is marketing data.

Comparative Distance

- Suvarnabhumi International Airport: 50 kilometers

- Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port: 40 kilometers

Utilities & Facilities

Water Supply System

- One water production system with a capacity of 33,000 cubic meters/day

- Estimated water usage demand: 26,000 cubic meters/day

Electricity Supply System

- Provider: Provincial Electricity Authority

- Distribution source: an on-site electricity substation

Wastewater Treatment System

- System: Biological SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor)

- Capacity: 30,000 cubic meters/day

- Estimated wastewater treatment demand 

3,000 cubic meters/day



Waste Management System

- Solid waste: The solid waste is sorted at an on-site sorting plant, before being disposed of by a relevant local authority.

- Industrial waste: Factories that produce hazardous waste must transport them to the Industrial Waste Disposal Center, managed by the General Environmental Conservation Public Company Limited (GENCO), for proper disposal. The completed form of hazardous waste transportation is required to be submitted to the industrial estate office for acknowledgement.

Road System 

- Two main entrance ways: one on the Provincial Highway 3466 (Sukhumvit –Phan Thong), and the other on the Provincial Highway 3122 (Ban Pho – Phan Thong)

- Internal roads consist of primary road and secondary road, according to I-EA-T’s standard requirements.

Flood Protection System

- The estate’s ground is elevated above the normal flood level, surrounded with ditches and heightened earthen dykes, to reduce the impact of potential flooding.

- The concrete gutter is used for rainwater drainage, collecting rainwater from the road to be discharged into irrigation ditches located in the northern and southern areas of the estate compound.