Industrial Estates in Thailand

General Information


Name : Bangpoo Industrial Estate

Establishment : 1977

Director : Mrs.Pojanee Silarat

Phone : +66 2709 3450-3

Fax: +66 2709 8193

E-mail :

Number of Factories : 480

Developer : Thailand Industrial Real Estate Development Company Limited

Website :


Sukhumvit Road Km. 34-37, Bangpoomai and Praeksa,Muang, Samut Prakan

Industrial Estate Office

649 Moo 4, Sukhumvit Road, Praeksa Muang, Samut Prakan 10280

Tel : 0-2709-3450-3

Fax: 0-2323-0730-1

Comparative Distances

- Suvarnabhumi International Airport: 25 kilometers

- Bangkok: 37 kilometers

- Bangkok Port (Klong Toey): 24 kilometers

- Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port: 100 kilometers

Total Area

Total Area 5,472 rai 2 ngan 68 square wa (approx. 2,189.068 acres)

- General Industrial Zone: 3,659 rai 96 square wa (approx. 1,463.696 acres)

- I-EA-T Free Zone: 377 rai 3 ngan 56 square wa (approx. 151.156 acres)

- Residential/Commercial area: 149 rai 1 ngan 60 square wa (approx. 59.76 acres)

- Infrastructure and public utilities: 1,286 rai 56 square wa (approx. 514.456 acres)


List of Customers (Thai version)

Available Space

- Industrial area: 6 rai 1 ngan 99.3 square wa (approx. 2.599 acres)

- Infrastructure area: 2 rai 2 ngan 20.68 square wa (approx. 1.02 acres)

Sale/Rental Prices

Sale Prices

General Industrial Zone: 3.6 million Baht/rai
I-EA-T Free Zone: 4 - 4.5 million Baht/rai

Rental Prices

General Industrial Zone : 292,820 Baht/rai/year
Factory Building ; 180 Baht/square meter/month
Infrastructure area 266,200 Baht/rai/year

Utilities and Facilities

Water Supply System

- Piped water provided by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority is distributed through a primary 800-millimeter-diameter pipeline into the estate water-supply network.

Electrical Power Supply System

- Provider: Metropolitan Electricity Authority

- 24 kV high-voltage power system

- Distribution capacity: 40 KVA/rai for industrial factories

Road System

- Primary roads are 21 meters wide and secondary roads are 14.50 meters wide, with a combined length of 37 kilometers.

Telephone System

- 3,000 telephone lines

Wastewater Treatment System

- Three wastewater treatment systems in the compound: two 'Activated Sludge Systems' in the General Industrial Zone with 45,000 cubic meter/day capacity and 3,600 cubic meter/day capacity, and one 'Rotation Biological Contractor (R.B.C.)' in the I-EA-T Free Zone with 2,300 cubic meter/day capacity

Incinerator System

- Two incinerators in the General Industrial Zone: one for general and solid waste with 100 tons/day capacity managed by Bangpoo Environmental Complex Co., Ltd. (BPEC), and one for hazardous waste with 48 tons/day capacity managed by the Department of Industrial Works

Flood Protection System

- 15 pumping stations, each of which has two pumping engines

- Floodwater pumping capacity: 0.5 cubic meter/second/ pumping engine

Fire Protection System

- A Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center is located in the estate compound.

Ground Conditions

- Flat land with soft clay

Security System

- Security guards around the estate

Other Facilities and Services

- Customs office
- Conference/seminar rooms
- Hospital
- Sports club and golf course
- Siam Commercial Bank branch office
- Siam City Bank branch office
- Thailand Automotive Institute
- National Institute of Metrology (Thailand)
- Electrical and Electronics Institute
- Commercial and residential buildings, individual houses
- Licensed Post Office under the supervision of Thailand Post Company Limited



Service Charges

Maintenance Fee

- General Industrial Zone
Year 2009 = 900 Baht/rai/month
Year 2010 onwards = 1,000 Baht/rai/month

- I-EA-T Free Zone
Year 2009 = 1,100 Baht/rai/month
Year 2010 onwards = 1,200 Baht/rai/month

Water Tariff

- Effective as of 1 March 2007, the water tariff rate is as follows:

Piped Water Cost

- 18 Baht/cubic meter for the first 5,000 cubic meters of water consumed during a calendar month
- 19.50 Baht/cubic meter for the next 5,000 cubic meters of water (up to 10,000) consumed during a calendar month
- 21 Baht/cubic meter for every additional cubic meter of water (10,000+) consumed during a calendar month

Raw Water Charge

- 0.15 Baht/cubic meter of piped water used

Electricity Fee

- 3.20-3.90 Baht/unit, depending on the rate specified by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority

Telephone Fee

- Charged according to the rate specified by TOT Public Company Limited
- Calls within the same province: 3 Baht/call; Calls to a mobile phone or a nationwide long distance number made by dialing 1234 followed by the destination number: 1.50 Baht/minute

Wastewater Treatment Fee

- Calculated according to the following methodology:
TC = 184.77 + 8.8689 Vi + 17.5162 Vi Si/1000 + CP*
'TC' is the wastewater treatment fee in Baht/month.
'Vi' is the amount of wastewater disposed of in cubic meter/ month.
'Si' is the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) level of wastewater in milligram/liter.
'CP*' is the wastewater treatment fee in the case where the pollution level of disposed wastewater exceeds the standards specified by I-EA-T. The average wastewater treatment fee ranges from 8.75 to 16.50 Baht/cubic meter.

Waste Disposal Fee

- Waste is disposed through incineration at a rate of 3.30 Baht/kilogram.


Non-Tax privileges available in the General Industrial Zone and the I-EA-T Free Zone:

  1. Industrial, commercial or service operators – both Thai and foreign – are granted the right to own land in the industrial estate for business operations of a size deemed appropriate by the I-EA-T Board, even though it might exceed the amount prescribed by other laws.
  2. Industrial, commercial or service operators are granted the right to bring in foreign skilled workers, professionals, as well as their spouses and dependents in number and for a period deemed appropriate by the I-EA-T Board.
  3. Foreign skilled workers and professionals granted permits to stay in the Kingdom under (2) are allowed to work, throughout the granted period, only in specific positions approved by the I-EA-T Board.
  4. Industrial, commercial or service operators domiciled outside Thailand are granted the right to remit foreign currency abroad if it is imported capital, dividends or profit from capital, foreign loans or money on which industrial, commercial or service operators have obligations with foreign entities.

One Stop Service Center

Services provided by the 'One Stop Service Center' (OSS) include the approval of land utilization, building construction, industrial operations and other facilitating privileges.