Industrial Estates in Thailand

General Information

Name: TFD Industrial Estate

Establishment: 2007

Director : -

Developer : JCK International Public Company Limited

Project Land : 500 Rai

Telephone No. : 0 2676 4031-6

Facsimile : 0 2676 4038

e-mail :

Website :

Sale/Rental Prices

- General Industrial Zone: 10.5 million Baht/rai

- I-EA-T Free Zone:10.5 million Baht/rai


Tha Sa-an, Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao

:: Industrial Estate Office ::

26 JC Kevin Tower, 10th Floor, Narathiwat Ratchanakharin Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

Total Area

500 rai (200 acres)

1st Phase Development: 273 rai 2 ngan 23 square wa (approx. 109.42 acres)

2nd Phase Development: 226 rai 3 ngan 77 square wa (approx. 90.776 acres)

List of Customers (Thai version)

Comparative Distances

-Suvarnabhumi International Airport: 35.8 kilometers

-Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate: 13.9 kilometers

-Wellgrow Industrial Estate: 6.3 kilometers

-Chachoengsao City Hall: 16.8 kilometers

-Toyota Automotive Assembly Plant: 6.0 kilometers

Utilities and Facilities

Water Supply System

The developer has coordinated with the Eastern Water Resources Development and Management Public Company Limited (EastWater) to supply water from its Chachoengsao raw-water pipeline network. The estimated water-supply demand is 1,331cubic meters/day. Currently, the installation design and the development of a raw water-purchasing contract are underway.

Road System

-Easy road access via Bang Pakong–Chachoengsao Road and the motorway parallel road, as the estate is located at the intersection of these two roads

-The entrance road to the estate is asphaltic concrete with a 30-meter-wide right of way. The road surface is 11 meters wide with four-lane divided traffic, a 2-meter-wide road median and a 3-meter-wide shoulder on each side.

-The estate's internal roads are asphaltic concrete. Primary roads have a 24-meter-wide right of way, while secondary roads and side streets have a 19-meter-wide and a 16-meter-wide right of way, respectively.

Wastewater Treatment System

Activated Sludge System with approximately 1,200 cubic meters/day capacity. Each factory that might produce chemical-wastewater is required to have an on-site chemical wastewater treatment system, whereby disposed wastewater must be treated before being released into the Central Biological Treatment System. The estate also provides a mobile Central Chemical Treatment System unit as a backup, in the event a factory's on-site treatment system breaks down.

Incinerator System

A 1 rai 3 ngan and 88 square wa area (approx. 0.788 acres) are allocated as a temporary waste accumulation area. Accumulated waste will later be transferred to the Sub-district Administrative Organization for incineration..

Flood Protection System

The estate compound is filled with earth to a height of one meter. An area of 2 rai 1 ngan 91.9 square wa (approx. 0.99 acres) is reserved for rainwater storage, in the event that rainwater cannot be drained properly