Philosophy Vision & Mission

I-EA-T Philosophy

Uphold the honour and dignity of the profession - be true to oneself, customers, and the organiation

Work towards excellence, based on result-oriented professional services

Contribute to the social benefits, and ensure a sustainable co-existence with the community, society, and the environment


The regional leader of total solution for industrial estate development with innovation toward sustainability.



To develop, enhance, and support the management of industrial estates and industrial ports as ideal strategic production and service bases with sufficient infrastructure and facilities - in order to contribute to competitive advantages of entrepreneurs, while emphasizing proper balance among economic growth, social prosperity, the quality of community life, and the environment.

Core Value

Lead the Country's Development into a Moral and Balanced Society with an Improved Quality of Life and Environment (5E's)

Equitability : Decentralizing Prosperity to Provincial Areas

I-EA-T is also a mechanism in decentralizing prosperity to other regions throughout the country.

There are now 56 industrial estates across 16 provinces throughout Thailand and across the three

investment zones established by the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI).

Economy : Contributing to Economic Growth

I-EA-T serves as the governmental development mechanism to create investment and employment

in the country. Currently, in its nationwide industrial estates, I-EA-T has 4,242 factories with a total

investment of approximately 2,855 billion Baht and total employment of around 562,000 people


Environment : Conserving the Environment

I-EA-T has allocated specific industrial areas for factories, making it convenient for supervision and,

to a certain extent, contributing to environmental conservation. In addition, I-EA-T has also issued

rules and regulations for the supervision and administration of factories in all industrial estates –

especially rules and regulations related to environmental care, which it considers as one of its direct



Ethics : Promoting Moral Philosophy

With a moral philosophy for business operations in mind, industrial operators and entrepreneurs in

industrial estates take financial responsibilities for their wastewater treatment costs – a common

practice adhered to for 40 years


Education : Stimulating Technology Transfer

A new operational dimension for I-EA-T is to create co-operative linkage with academic

institutions. With many industrial estates already receiving strong support and participation from

academic institutions, the move will continue to grow and aims to encompass within an industrial

estate compound a high-technology business unit or 'Science Park' that includes a university -

supported research and development center.



ความสามารถพิเศษ (Core Competency)

กนอ. มีความเชี่ยวชาญในการจัดตั้ง พัฒนา บริหารนิคมอุตสาหกรรมเชิงนิเวศ”